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Conselho Cientifico

The Scientific Council (SC) is the scientific management body of LIP. It includes all PhD holders, representatives of the technical and administrative staff and representatives of the students from each LIP node.

SC board: José Maneira (president), Helmut Wolters and Raúl Sarmento

SC Technical staff representatives: Miguel Ferreira (Lisboa), Rui Alves (Coimbra) and Henrique Carvalho (Minho)

SC Administrative staff representatives: Natália Antunes (Lisboa) and Elisabete Neves (Coimbra)

SC Student representatives: Ana Sofia Inácio (Lisboa), Paulo Brás (Coimbra), Tiago Vale (Minho)

The SC delegates some of its authority to the Scientific Council Coordination Committee (C4) where all research lines are represented.

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